Properties associated with the Battle of Waterloo reopen following major refurbishments.

Wellington Arch and the Duke of Wellington’s home at Apsley House have been renovated to celebrate the battle’s 200th anniversary.

The new English Heritage exhibition at Wellington Arch is dedicated to the build-up, events and aftermath to one of the most important battles in English and European history while at Apsley House – directly opposite the Arch on Hyde Park Corner – visitors can find out more about the glittering London life of the Iron Duke.

The 9th Duke of Wellington, who still lives at Apsley House, said: “In the year of the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo I am so pleased that both Apsley House and The Wellington Arch will be hosting special exhibitions.

“We will be honouring and commemorating one of the most important battles in European History; the principle legacy of the battle was the long period of peace in Western Europe.”

English Heritage’s Josephine Oxley, Keeper of the Wellington Collection at Apsley House and Wellington Arch, said: “We’ve brought together a fascinating collection of surviving objects from the 19th century’s most important battle, the ‘Great War’ of its age. Wellington Arch, the monument to the Duke and his famous victory, is the perfect venue in which to tell the story of Waterloo and explore its significance and its legacy.

“At Apsley House, we look at the man behind the battle, what drove him and how Waterloo transformed him, both in public and in private. And 200 years after Waterloo, we can now reveal the scale of the banquets Wellington held every year to mark the early anniversaries of the battle.”

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