The Warsash Pier is now undergoing major refurbishment work overseen by Romsey based consulting civil and structural engineering company WFBA.Constructed in the mid-nineties, the pier is used for training courses offered by the Southampton Solent University’s Warsash Maritime Academy.

The project, led by WFBA’s Managing Director Bill Brown and his team, involves extreme pressure washing to remove the degraded paint system and rust from the structure, prior to repair and application of a new protection system.

“This is an SSSI site, so ensuring that controls are in place so that none of the waste arisings enter the water as we work along the structure has been a top priority.  This has been very challenging in this environment,” said Bill Brown. “The project also includes the replacement of corroded fixing bolts and concrete slab where bearings have failed.   Some of the piles also have to be replaced.”

Jeff Japes, Senior Building Surveyor for Southampton Solent University, said that the Pier will then be ready for the resumption of courses from September and face the day to day wear and tear caused by the constant use and weather conditions.