Setcrete 2K Pro floor levelling compound was found to be the ideal solution for builders working on a fasttrack residential refurbishment in Acocks Green, Birmingham. Thanks to the levelling compound’s specialist properties, builders at the property were able to apply the levelling compound directly over old adhesive residue left on the bathroom subfloor, rather than having to first remove the residue as is normally required before a levelling compound can be used. As a result, the builders were able to return the bathroom to full use within 24 hours.
Builders were called to the house in Acocks Green, near Birmingham, as the bathroom needed extensive refurbishment works. The owner of the house required work to be completed in the fastest possible time, as he did not want the bathroom to be out of use for any longer than was absolutely necessary. However, when the existing lino floorcoverings were removed, a large amount of adhesive residue remained on the subfloor.
This adhesive residue would normally need to be mechanically removed before a levelling compound can be installed. If the adhesive residue is not removed, then many traditional levelling compounds will not properly bond with the subfloor, and the floor could eventually fail. Mechanical removal is a time-consuming and potentially costly process.
Builders working on the house at Acocks Green were able to completely avoid the need for mechanically removing the adhesive residue by using Setcrete’s 2K Pro levelling compound. This specialist compound has been designed for use directly over old, well-bonded adhesive residues, including bitumen and carpet tile tackifiers.
As a result of 2K Pro’s 60 minute walk-on time, the bathroom was quickly brought back into use, as requested by the homeowner.
Setcrete 2K Pro is packaged in 20kg lined paper sacks and 5L bottles, and is available from merchant distributors nationwide.