Researchers at the BRE are creating a “living laboratory” office to see how buildings affect the health of occupants.

The project will see one of BRE’s existing office buildings refurbished at its headquarters in Watford.

It will be renamed the Healthy Research Building and workers inside will be monitored while they go about their day-to-day activities.

The block will be certified under the WELL Building Standard and BREEAM which are being aligned.

Data collected will be analysed by BRE to provide the industry with a greater understanding of how different products, materials and internal configurations affect occupants.

The BRE wants manufacturers to take part and test their products as part of the project.

Martin Townsend, Director of Sustainability at BRE Global, said: “It has been claimed that we spend over 90% of our time indoors and in an office environment. It is therefore vital that we better understand the effects that indoor environments are having on their occupants. By refurbishing one of our offices to achieve BREEAM and the WELL Building Standard and integrating state- of-the-art monitoring technology we will be creating the UK’s first living laboratory. We don’t just want to research our own staff to drive this agenda, we want to work with the industry to create an inclusive agenda on research. To ensure we actively undertake the research that the industry needs we’re calling on the industry to work with us on an industry supported health and well-being research programme.”