Local authority procurement specialist LHC has launched the bid race for its most ambitious framework deal to date.

The mega framework covering pubic works of varying sizes across England and Wales comes with an ambitious potential value of over £6bn.

It supersedes a previous arrangement said to be worth £800m which signed up a panel of just 10 firms for England, Wales and Scotland.

Firms on the panel include big names like Balfour Beatty, Morgan Sindall, Kier and Willmott Dixon as well as Shaylor and Olgivie.

The new framework will include around five workstreams by project value and has been broken down into small regional lots for lower value work and England, London and Wales for projects over £10m.

It will be used for schools and community building projects and forms a growing arms race to supply local authorities with pre-tender firms in the sector, competing with the Education Funding Agency’s regional frameworks.

A maximum of 4 firms could be selected for each lot. Firms have until 3 March 2017 to submit bids for the new panel. Documents are available free from the LHC web portal.

LHC framework England and Wales lots
up to £2m
up to £2m
All projects
All projects
All projects
over £10m
North East: £30m Northern England: £60m Northern England: £160m Northern England: £120m England: £2bn
Cumbria: £20m Midlands: £70m Midlands: £180m Midlands: £160m London: £500m
North West: £50m South East: £80m East of England: £200m South Eastern: £320m
Yorks & Humb: £40m London: £80m London; £200m London: £400m
E.Midlands: £50m South West: £30m South East: £200m South West: £160m
W.Midlands: £40m South West: £32m
East Anglia: £50m
Home Co. North: £50m
London: £50m
Home Co. South: £40m
Home Co West: £40m
South West: £40m
Cornwall: £40m
Wales: £40m £40m £60m £160m £320m