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Air conditioning service and maintenance

ThermOzone’s team of experts in refrigeration and air conditioning service and maintenance can assist you in technical areas and also advise in surveys. Our own free site survey will give you and your client a very easy to follow and logical report with further info if required. A lot of our client base relies on us to provide them with stable and reliable service and information.

Our services include:

Servicing of air conditioning and chiller equipment

Our teams of fully qualified engineers carry out system servicing, maintenance, inspections, repairs and refurbishment beyond the industry’s standards. Fault diagnosis is one of the easiest things to get wrong. Recognising the cause of the problem(s), and more importantly making sure that they are addressed and will not recur is where ThermOzone has always excelled. We have integrated a fully “paperless” system using the most up-to-date technology which provides the client real-time service and commissioning reports that are sent as a digital copy, including photos and wiring diagrams. Delivering these reports to the client’s inbox allows the client a more comprehensive picture of any problems as well as the simple ability to confirm that the job has been done to their satisfaction!

Competitive rates

Our competitive approach when providing our customers with the service they require is also reflected by our pricing structure with extra finance if required. Click here for more information.

Unbiased advice

Our expertise in engineering and our reputation for technical excellence has assisted many consultants and contractors in:

  • Fault investigation
  • Chiller refurbishment
  • System enhancements
  • Energy savings
Hanbell Compressors

With our direct links to this original manufacturer, ThermaCom Ltd can provide a cost effective replacement Screw Compressor which can fit into most original foot prints with very little fuss. This can give an added option whether your old compressor is obsolete, or simply requires updating for improved energy efficiency.



Re-Chill is another product that ThermaCom Ltd can offer to you or your customer as an alternative to replacing for new either the compressor or the entire chiller.  Please contact us for more information.


ThermOzone offers a full range of chiller maintenance packages allowing the client a more flexible arrangement with their PPM. We have a 24hr call out service to give even more peace of mind.

Chiller controls

We are the UK agent for MCS Controls, re-packaged under our brand of ‘ThermaTech’. These controls are designed for retrofit and new installations.

Gas conversions

R22 is now becoming the most talked about gas in the industry. With its phase-out being taken more and more seriously by companies, ThermOzone has spent the last 4 years researching, developing and perfecting the most cost effective and stable manner of converting your system to use an F-Gas approved refrigerant.

 Chiller remanufacturing

ThermOzone has always strived to give its clients the most comprehensive options for refrigeration equipment and one of them is the highly successful ‘Re-Chill’ which brings old and tired equipment to higher standard of running and breathes new technology into your equipment allowing energy savings as well as stability and reliability.

Bespoke chiller design

With some sites not being accessible to allow new equipment to be installed we have developed the ability to design a completely bespoke chiller tailored to the building’s needs as well as those of the clients, utilising the most up-to-date 3D CAD software available allowing the customer a preview of the chiller or equipment before even been built.

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