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Engineering skills, an eye for design and concern for quality, combined with the values of a long-established family company, place Hamilton among the leaders in British manufacturing SMEs. With a wide range of capabilities to meet the needs and exacting demands of the professionals we work with, we deliver wiring accessories and controls for lighting and audio in homes of the discerning, hotels of distinction, heritage properties and the latest signature developments.

Beginning with the assembly of dimmers (then a new technology when we started out in the 1960s), the company has progressed through building a portfolio of designs to please the interiors fashion industry, to harnessing today’s technology to serve the current insatiable appetite for electronic control of all aspects of living.

At Hamilton our culture drives us to constantly evolve and improve and therefore reserve the right to optimise solutions. Current market trends are reflected and integral to our development programme. Additionally, responding to market demands is second nature and we have been known to incorporate what starts life as a special into our standard product portfolio.


Tel: +44 (0)1747 860088

Email: info@hamilton-litestat.com